I Don't Need You To Know EP

by Jonah Luke

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I Don't Need You To Know EP is the debut album of Jonah Luke, who has been playing music and writing songs for a long time; the EP is the 15th studio album Jonah has been a part of, but his first solo album. It's six songs are groovy, feel-good tunes with strong melodies and lots folk guitar influence. Jonah's music is playful and experimental, with a great deal of attention given to rhythms and harmonies. He recorded the EP in his college dorm room, his house in Portland, Oregon, and his childhood home in Chicago, IL.


released August 28, 2010

Jonah Luke - guitars, vocals, percussion, trombone, recording, mixing, production.
Annie Fassler, Jon Wash - vocals on 1.
Mac Cooper, Carmelle Kniss - vocals on 2, 4.
Dorian Gehring - mastering.

Thanks to: Portland/Chicago, Mom/Dad
Photography: Annie Fassler

All words and music by Jonah Luke, copyright 2010. Published by Pericarp (ASCAP) 2010.




all rights reserved


Jonah Luke Portland, Oregon

Unabashedly joyful, unashamedly playful, Jonah Luke’s music is pure sunshine. In a world of predictable pop, this Portland, OR-based singer-songwriter crafts innovative folk-rock with sweet harmonies and dashes of a capella.

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Track Name: I Don't Need You To Know
I was taken in
on account that I don't want to go to war
And I was trying to tell you
that my beliefs are what I do
but there ain't nothing that's worth killing for

I know we disagree
but we act like everything's fine
But now I'm really glad
to tell you that I'm really mad
I'm done pretending like these problems are mine

I don't need you to know
This ain't no give and take
this ain't no quid pro quo

I was thrown in jail
on account that I know who I am
But these words that I am writing
are not getting up and fighting
they're just making a quiet stand

I know I've done some things
I might not have in retrospect
But when I look back and I see them
I would only want to keep them
Because I haven't finished living yet

I don't need you to know
This ain't no mistake
this ain't no leaving home

I was shipped off
to spend days cutting big old trees
And all the time I was complying
while the government was lying
That's the moment I was finally freed

I know that I can't speak
for all of us or any other living soul
But there are things I will discuss
and there are things that I will trust
and there are things that I don't need you to know

I don't need you to know
'Cause I can make it,
I can make it on my own

It's such a good feeling.
Track Name: Force A Smile
My friend gave me
a hat that he had knit
And I bought these pants
but they don't really fit
But I'm not these clothes
I'm the soul that's under it
Just like snail

I'm all tied up
I'm biting at the knots
I'll jump the fence
And I won't get caught
I'll throw the blanket
just like I was taught
over the razor wire

I don't need a plan
I'm gonna live life
laughing when I can
I won't force a smile
I'm gonna live it
like I was a child

Do what I want

When you look back
at the things you haven't said
now we're all grown up
and soon we'll all be dead
So why don't you pack
a change of clothes instead
of sitting down

When I go out
I put on both my shoes
Cause it's up to me
to terminate the blues
But I look straight up
and all I see is you
like rain coming down

Now that I set
an alarm for when I sleep
And I'll dream my dreams
and some of them I'll keep
But for now I'll think
And later I will speak
When I'm done climbing trees
Track Name: Something Left To Do Here
I am a traveler
I am a thief
If you are weary
I'll give you relief
I just back from robbing a bank
Can you believe that
All of the money that I have spent
good for the memories, worse for the rent
I don't know if I'll ever repent
Will God believe that

But I will see this through
Cause I've got something left to do

I would like to travel the world
in the arms of a beautiful girl
Sub-lease my home and sell all my things
I could believe that
But I've discovered while being away
that there are things that call me to stay
Calling Chicago, calling today
I can feel it

So if you want to help out the weak
give to the hungry, help people eat
Don't buy a ticket, just walk across the street
You won't believe it
Here is the money that I just stole
I know its illegal, but that's how I roll
Give it to someone who needs to be told
that they can make it
Track Name: Almost Gone
Last night I talked
with a friend about the world we got
And we decided that we're not
suited to live in it
So get up lets go
get your girl and let the others know
we won't take nothing at all
except the guitar and the radio

Cause I've got a notion
That sinks in the ocean
The sea of people and things
But I'm gonna grow some wings
And I won't be long
I'll leave my home and I will right my wrongs
Running out of what I got
I got it 'til its almost gone

Why don't you stay
we could lie around the house all day
we could sing our favorite songs
sing them so we don't forget
Why don't we leave
we could see the things we've never seen
we could sleep out in the car
dreaming about the farther stars

Cause I've got a head and shoulders
And I've got feet that walk
And I've got a mind that opens
And I will let it talk
I will let it talk

So now can't you see
the less we have means the more we're free
I will pick up my guitar
You got the vocals
We are going far
Going it for broke
Cause we know what we got
got it til its almost gone
It won't be long
Track Name: Flown This Far
Summer has arrived finally after so much rain
I've landed here on blood, sweat, and tears still I play the game

I have flown this far
And I'll get on the next plane
But since you found my heart
I've no need to fly again

I've got a cousin in Minnesota who up and flew away
He never made no room for no other, still he does okay

But I can't live like that
I would drive myself insane
I need someone that
Knows my heart and lays it plain

You are the one with hair that sparkles like sunlight through the sea
You are the one that sees the sunset just like me

And isn't it funny
that we had no idea
Now its so sunny
after so long in the dark

I have flown this far
And I'll get on the next plane
But since you found my heart
I've no need to fly again.
Track Name: New York Is Calling
New York is calling
from every corner of this world
I see it on the faces of all the pretty girls
They're like tell me what's your number I don't need to know your name
Well up till now, I have been playing a different game

I've been playing a different game

Tell me what's the difference in all the colors that we're dyed
There's no sense in stopping someone else from being alive
You use one hand to shoot while the other points the blame
Well up till now, I have been playing a different game

New York is calling
can't you hear it in your ear
its there or Miami, and they're both better off then here
They're like tell me where you come from I don't need to know your name
Well up till now, I have been playing a different game

I've been playing Clue while you play Monopoly
I've been playing Xbox while you play Wii
I've been shooting pool while you shoot darts
and I've been playing spades while you play hearts